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Lawn treatments

Lawn treatments

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Aeration Lawn Treatment

What is Aeration?

Aeration of a lawn is the most effective way of reducing compaction on a lawn surface and also the removal sub-surface thatch which is often the main causes of moss growth.

Although there are a few different types of Aeration methods, hollow-tine and solid tines are considered the best for lawn treatments and to maintain a healthy lawn. 

The main benefits of lawn aeration are:

  • Changes the environment where moss can thrive
  • Increases nutrient, water penetration and air access to the soil
  • Removes below-the-surface thatch
  • Encourages root development of the grass plant
  • Relieves compaction in the soil when using the solid tines 
  • The lawn will become healthier in general
  • Improves the lawn’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions like drought and prevent lawn disease

What time of year is ideal for aeration to be completed?

Aeration is best completed during the autumn and winter months 

Aeration is an essential practice of a good annual lawn treatment programme and is included as part of our “Pay Monthly Service”.

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